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Kimberly Wilson Linson


Kimberly is a proven leader in management, sales, and marketing initiatives with experience training, developing, and motivating individuals and teams. As Director of Learning Centers for Lindamood-Bell she was responsible for all aspects of the largest revenue division, comprised of 65 permanent learning centers across the US, UK, Australia and Canada with $80M in annual revenue.


Her keen understanding of customer purchase decisions allows Kimberly to deliver exemplary customer experiences. Her innovative products drive revenue. The respect given her by leadership, peers, and staff comes from a commitment to recruiting, developing, and motivating focused teams.

At the beginning of her career,  she worked with students experiencing learning difficulties, guiding them to independence in reading and comprehension. Watching this transformation fueled a passion for understanding how people learn, think, and make decisions. This passion led her to spend the first 25 years of her career in positions of increasing responsibility at Lindamood-Bell, an internationally recognized leader in the field of reading and language comprehension. 

In 2017, she co-founded a professional learning company, Leaderally. As CEO, she led the team creating an eLearning platform for classroom educators. The unique approach develops micro-content focused on the foundational leadership skills of communication, management and strategy. Each day is challenging, rewarding and exciting with new adventures and skills learned.

As principal at People Centered Solutions, Kimberly partners with leadership teams to tackle tough challenges with creativity and simplicity.

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